2015 Metro Council Candidates

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The Metropolitan Council is the legislative authority of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, a city-county consolidated government created on April 1, 1963.

The Council is a 40-member body of elected representatives of which 35 are elected by district and 5 are elected at-large, or county-wide.  The presiding officer is the Vice Mayor, who is elected at-large by the citizens of Nashville and Davidson County. Members are elected to serve a term of four years.

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Click on the district title to view a map of that district.
*Denotes incumbent
NBC endorsed candidates are highlighted in blue.


Buddy Baker
Jody Ball
Karen Bennett
Al Carota
Erin Coleman
John Cooper
Elizabeth Dachowski
Adam Dread
Robert Duvall
Leroy Johnny Ellis
Erica Gilmore
Ronnie E. Greer, Sr
Frank Harrison
Jason Holleman
Martin Holsinger
Phillip Hostettler
Walter Hunt
Sharon W Hurt
Ken Jakes
James Keeton
John Lasiter
Don Majors
Lonnell Matthews Jr.
Bob Mendes
Sandra V. Moore
Jim Shulman

Council District 1

Sylvester Armor
Ruby Baker
Rueben Dockery
Loniel Greene, Jr.
Nick Leonardo
John H Montgomery
Jonathan Richardson
Roosevelt Williamson

Council District 2

Laura Fortier
DeCosta Hastings
Danavan W. Hylton
Carrie Searcy
Robert “Bobby” Stockard

Council District 3

Terry Clayton
Tim Coleman
Brenda H. Haywood

Council District 4

Robert Swope
Peter Tuttle

Council District 5

Scott Davis
Sarah Martin
Pam Murray

Council District 6

Peter Westerholm*
Brett A. Withers

Council District 7

Stephen Clements
Anthony Davis
Randy Reed

Council District 8

Ramona L. Gholston
Nina Ground
Robert Sawyers, Sr
Chris Swann
Nancy VanReece
Daniel (Danny) Williams

Council District 9

Roderick McDaniel
Bill Pridemore*

Council District 10

Douglas Pardue*

Council District 11

Larry Hagar*

Council District 12

Steve Glover*

Council District 13

Furtesha Carter
Mark Cole
Holly Huezo

Council District 14

Kevin Rhoten

Council District 15

Jim Garrett
Jeffrey Syracuse

Council District 16

Mike Freeman
Tony Tenpenny*

Council District 17

Chris Cotton
Paula D. Foster
Colby Sledge
Tony Watson

Council District 18

Burkley Allen*

Council District 19

Keith Caldwell
Amanda Harrison
Freddie O’Connell
Bill Shick

Council District 20

Marisa Frank
Mary Carolyn Roberts
Frank Stabile

Council District 21

Leah Dupree
Edward T. Kindall

Council District 22

Sheri Weiner*

Council District 23

Mina Johnson
Timothy Lee
Jim Roberts

Council District 24

Allen Grant
Kathleen Murphy

Council District 25

Russ Pulley

Council District 26

Jeremy Elrod
Luseni Bangalie Kromah
Jimmy Mitchell

Council District 27

Davette Blalock*
Clement Ledbetter

Council District 28

Daniel Lewis
Melissa Smithson
Tanaka Vercher

Council District 29

Karen Johnson*
Vicky Tataryn

Council District 30

Jason Potts*

Council District 31

Fabian Bedne*

Council District 32

Jacobia Dowell*
Ronald A Haskins
William Kizzie

Council District 33

Sam Coleman
Jimmy Gafford

Council District 34

Steve Butler
Angie Henderson

Council District 35

Vic Lineweaver
Dave Rosenberg
Lonnie Spivak

*Denotes incumbent
NBC endorsed candidates are highlighted in blue.
Click on the district title to view a map of that district.

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