Nashville Business Coalition Endorses William D. Mason, Jr. for Metro Council District 1

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (July 22, 2016) – The Nashville Business Coalition (NBC), a political action committee, announced today its support for William D. Mason Jr. as a candidate for Metro Council District 1 in the August 4 election.

“The Nashville Business Coalition is committed to supporting Metro Council candidates who will work with us to create a prosperous business environment in Metro Nashville,” said Nancy Stabell, NBC Board Chair. “We have endorsed Mr. Mason and we feel he will best represent the District 1 business community.”

The NBC board supports candidates who recognize the issues that are important to the business community and is committed to supporting local candidates who understand the need to create a government environment for businesses and workers to succeed in Nashville.

The endorsed candidate share certain key characteristics of a pro-business candidate, including:

  • A strong commitment to public service,
  • A deep understanding of the issues facing the local business community, including addressing business regulations that hinder business opportunity and growth for economic development,
    Support for the creation of jobs, business expansion, and growth of infrastructure by facilitating an environment where business can prosper.
  • “The NBC board takes its responsibility of endorsing candidates very seriously. We would like to thank all of the candidates for offering themselves up for public service. After careful consideration, we believe the NBC-endorsed candidates will best serve the needs of Nashville business community,” said Stabell.

About the Nashville Business Coalition
Nashville’s business community is a driver of the local economy. Business creates jobs and prosperity; government leaders create the legislative environment for that to occur. The Nashville Business Coalition applauds community leaders who choose to serve Nashville residents and businesses through elected office. Since 1999, the Coalition, a pro-business political action committee, has dedicated itself to electing business-friendly candidates who have made the long-term economic vitality of Nashville a priority. These candidates understand the partnership that exists between the public and private sectors. Please join NBC leaders to learn more about the business community, Nashville, and effective campaigning processes.

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