Nashville Business Coalition urges Mayor Briley to run for re-election

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Stability, continuity of Metro Government is critical to continued success.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (March 7, 2018) – Nashville Business Coalition (NBC), a political action committee composed of a diverse group of business leaders and organizations, today urges Nashville Mayor David Briley to run for re-election in the August special election as a priority to ensure continuity to stabilize city management.

“Given the current controversy and change in city leadership, it’s imperative that Nashville establishes stability in city management. Though Mayor Briley has not announced an intention to run in August to complete the full term, Nashville Business Coalition urges him to consider that step in the best interests of Metro Government and Nashville,” said attorney Nancy Stabell, NBC Board Chair. “Continuity in leadership at this time is essential to achieve a stable environment for city management and continued success of economic recruitment and investment. The potential of four mayors serving in an 18-month period would create an unstable and unreliable environment that we should be wise to avoid. Such a situation would create a climate of uncertainty for economic development prospects and idle or even reverse economic progress. Mayor Briley has the ability to provide a steady, guiding hand to the government and regain confidence in Nashville both locally and nationally.”

The Nashville Business Coalition board considers Mayor Briley as an experienced and capable leader who possesses both the necessary experience leadership qualities Nashville needs to stabilize management for the next 18 months until the regularly scheduled mayoral election in August of 2019. Mayor Briley has very capably served Nashville for more than 10 years as an At-Large Council representative and as Vice Mayor.

The board cites Briley’s strong and deep relationships across all parts of the city and the region, with the Metro Council, and throughout Nashville’s diverse business community that makes him the best person to immediately bring stability, trust, and transparency to the mayor’s office at this critical point in Nashville’s history.

Stabell said, “Our organization is focused on ensuring that Nashville remains a vibrant city with a strong record of growth for years and years to come. No one who has Nashville’s best interest at heart can truly say that a mayoral election a few weeks from now is a good idea or that potentially having four different administrations over a period of 18 months is the right path forward for our city. Our entire organization is committed to giving Mayor Briley our full support. We urge him to run, and we urge voters to consider extending his contract, so to speak, until August of 2019.”

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